Utilizing Labels To Develop A Brand

Kelly Box and Packaging utilizes our Automatan high speed lithographic labeler to provide a high quality image for your brand at an affordable price

Branded packaging and litho lamination has becoming the printing method of choice for end-use customers.  Litho lamination is the combination of corrugated board and offset printed sheets to create a highly protective and attractive package or display.  It combines the strength of corrugated with the appeal of high quality lithographically printed sheets.  As order quantities decrease and the demand for shelf presence at retail increase, Kelly Box and their customers are able to find added value in litho laminated corrugated packaging and displays.

At Kelly Box and Packaging we use Litho lamination to create custom printed corrugated packaging and retail displays. Corrugated is an excellent material for shipping as it offers excellent protection for the products at an economic price.  By adding a lithographic label to the outer sheet of a corrugated package we can now offer our customers strength and durability, as well as retail ready high quality graphics.  As consumerism continues to move towards an on-line interaction and e-commerce grows the attributes of packaging have evolved.

At Kelly Box we have adapted with the market and understand that e-commerce demands robust packaging that will not only get products to the consumer safely, but also look fantastic as it arrives.  Without consumer engagement in the isle of a department store the need to make an impression and convey your brand message has become more critical than ever.  With litho lamination, Kelly Box can insure that a package we design will not only withstand the demands of shipping, but also ensure that your brand instills a lasting impression that will foster a loyal relationship with your product.

While e-commerce has certainly changed the way we utilize labeled packaging, it certainly is not the only market utilizing this excellent method of branding.  Kelly Box has been utilizing litho laminated labels to help our customers convey a message in retail signage, point-of-purchase (point-of-sale) displays, floor stand displays, bulk displays, as well as retail ready shelf packaging.  The investment in branding starts with packaging and conveying a clear message to consumers.  What does your packaging say about you?

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